Friday, November 20, 2009

Journal 5

    As my days go on now I slowly start to think about how much freedom I had. Hanging out with friends almost everyday after school, spending nights at friends houses, watching movies as much as I wanted, and most of all sleeping in my own bed. For a time now, I have been placed in the Group Home where I don't have as many privileges as I have had before. The first day of school I went to while in the Group Home was very uncomfortable. People and friends knew about what had happened which lead more and more people coming up to me just to ask, again, about what really happened. Later I got used to the idea that I'm not home and won't be till the beginning of next month. So I accepted the Group Home as my placement. It's very awkward sometimes having to travel and be around people who I don't know and girls who I don't get along with or hang out with. The girls that I'm in the same group home think I don't accept them, which normally I wouldn't and don't want to, but I have to while I am there. Eventually i

Journal 4

Oh, my, goodness! New Moon in the Twilight series is out in theaters today! I don't get to go watch it today but tomorrow afternoon my mom said she would take me to go see the movie. A year ago I seen the first movie Twilight in Casper. It was an alright movie but it did kind of disappoint me for it did not follow the scenes in the book very well. My little sister started to read the series after we watched the movies and it turns out, she fell in love with the books just like I did. I really wish I could see the movie tonight but I have to attend practice. This practice is going to show what individuals will be staying on the team and who will be getting cut. As much as I love the Twilight series I will have to put tonight off if I want to play basketball this season. Also, the movie is going to be there for awhile now so there is no reason to rush or screw up my basketball season over a little 90 minute movie. One other reason I decided to go tomorrow night is because there is going to be a bundle of watchers going to try and get in to see the movie tonight anyway. I hope the movie is worth seeing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Journal 3

Today seems like it is going by really slowly. Yesterday went by very fast. I wonder what tomorrow will be like. Every week I always take days day by day and eventually get to a weekend so I will spend my time having fun and getting caught up on homework from the previous week. One load of homework I will have to get done with this weekend is the reading in Moby-Dick. This book is what I, personally, wouldn't read on my free time. It is so complicated to comprehend, especially if there's nothing I can relate with. My homework just keeps stacking up no matter how hard I still try to stay caught up. I spend most of my homework time on classes where I have a low grade in or low percentage than my other classes. Since I've been in the group home I can't really do my english homework because no computers are allowed there. Although I am in this hectic situation I know I can get my work done even thought I also know that i HAVE to get my work done. Ugh! My Life Is Average I just know it.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Mia Holt

November 11, 2009

Mr. Primrose

B.O.E. Paper

Traveling Education

During my lifetime I transferred to many different schools, each school I went to taught me a little something different. Everyone starts school around four or five years old and comes to find that kindergarten I s a very exciting experience. Personally, I liked kindergarten on some days but still disliked being away from my family. When I finally got used to the idea that going to school wasn't a choice, but a requirement I started my next step in life in making new friends. Almost everyday I would come home to my grandparents and explain to them how I made friends at school, they knew it wasn't going to be hard for me. Later in life I grew older and made different choices, some that involved my friends, which in the end showed how non-responsible I was. My mom wanted me to get away from "negative kids" so she transferred me from Fort Washakie School to West Elementary. This was my very first stage of transferring schools. I moved to Lander when I was in third grade, later I moved from elementary to the junior high in a new building, and finally to another new building called the high school. Throughout my high school career I transferred from Lander to Wyoming Indian High School my freshmen year to Fort Washakie Charter, then came back to Lander Valley High School my sophomore year. These schools I believe helped shape the kind of person I am today and contributes to helping me in the near future when I go to college.

To start off my transferring career, I moved to West Elementary from Fort Washakie School. At this point in time I was in third grade, my teacher was Mrs. Robeson. Mrs. Robeson was really nice and a good teacher. One reason I believe transferring schools helped make me into the person I am today was because it informed me on how to make new friends at new locations. This interaction with new people in new environments is an everyday thing.

Although I moved to an immensely different type of school at a young age, I still managed to make new friends and get used to a totally different school all over again. This time I moved back to a mainly Native American population school. It was hard to attain friends since my usual friends were, "white" and went to a white school. For the majority of my life I only had friends Native Americans call "white," because I was usually the only native person in my classes. Making friends at Wyoming Indian High School was fun and easy because I already knew most of the people there. It was also easy because my cousins' friends were already my friends.

I quickly became a very well known person at Wyoming Indian, but a tragedy occurred which caused me to transfer schools, again. Since I became well acquainted with the friends I already made there, I didn't want to make another batch of friends at a different school. During my school life at Fort Washakie I didn't make many friends because I always worked at home, or I didn't talk with others when I was trying to focus in school. At this point in time I wasn't capable of making friends because I didn't feel like going to a school I didn't like and starting all over. This kind of attitude shaped me into the type of person I am today by knowing when I want to make friends or when I want to stop making friends. Plus, my communication with new people helped me prepare for social interaction in the future.

In the end, I transferred back to Lander Valley High School to reunite with my old friends and finish making more. Transferring from schools, especially from racially different schools, helped shape my life by improving my communication with everyone. It also gave me self confidence to become friends with anyone and everyone. If I had not gone to so many schools in my lifetime, I would not have the type of communication skills or confidence I have today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekly Response 3

I believe that the character in this book, Ligeia is but a fantasy to the narrator. The narrator talks about this beautiful woman but regardless of him "seeing" Ligeia, he does not know how the two met. The sentence, "I cannot, for my soul, remember how, when or even precisely where, I first became acquainted with the lady Ligeia." recalls that this Ligeia is ever so a fable dream of the narrators wife. This lady whom he characterized is real to him because it is his dream of what kind of wife he actually wanted. One other reason the narrator makes the reader think of Ligeia as a non-existing character is from the sentence, "that i never known the paternal name of her who was my friend and my betrothed, and who became the partner of my studies, and finally the wife of my bosom." reveals that he did not know his wifes last name. If this guy didn't know where he first met the love of his life and didn't know her last name there has to be some kind of problem with this guy. As i read on, I soon came to find that the narrator admits to being on drugs to help relieve the pain caused from Ligeia's death." But I was wild with the excitement of an immoderate dose of opium, and heeded these things but little, nor spoke of them to Rowena" this sentence shows the proof of why the narrator is taking drugs. Since he is taking drugs he is bound to have hallucinations, which could therefor cause this Ligeia to be just a figure in his hallucinations.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Journal 2

Journal 2

Food is one of the world's greatest accomplishments. Just think about all of the restaurants and fast food places that we are surrounded by. Mmmm, it's all good! On the downside of food being all around us some people starve, eat too much or just plain don't know how to cook. Yesterday I went with one of my friends to her house and during the time I was there we decided to make guacamole, of course the people who made it would like this fantastic masterpiece while others would not. I mean c'mon, Cacky and I's guacamole wasn't that terrible, for it was only loaded with lemon juice and garlic powder. Our other friend, Maggie, had came into the dining room to try our deliciousness but Cacky and I soon came to find that our guacamole was HORRIBLE. Although we found out we were bad cooks we just went on with our lives and kept eating our chips and dip. The idea of cooking with each other in the future came to mind. Cacky and I would start our own restaurant, but this restaurant would not be like any ordinary restaurant. Ours would be one of the fanciest and most expensive. Only the movie stars would afford our business. Feeding the world's most famous people with disgusting food made by me and Cacky and watching the faces these people would make is priceless. Just watching Maggie's face she made when trying our dip was hilarious. I have big dreams. =)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weekly Response 5 & 4

Technology can positivelly affect learning but it also can affect learning negatively. In some ways the technology can be positively is by learning how to figure out how to work the technological stuff we use today, when someone is gone or absent the person can look online so they don't get behind, and also a person can learn how life is outside of school and into college. Although there are some positive advantages there also has to be disadvantages. Some disadvantages there can be are the computer will not save your work so the person will have to redo their work, technology is very difficult and maybe something or someone will break down.